The Idiot’s Fitness Update: Weeks #6 and #7

Week 6 featured our 4-day, 2,000 mile road-trip to Indiana, meaning 4 days of long hours sitting in the car and 4 days of restaurant meals. Not exactly the prescription for healthy fitness. I did manage to squeeze in 5 miles of walking, along with 40 miles on the Stationary Bike.

Week 7 saw me return to dieting and training. The training highlight of the week was a new non-stop walking distance record of 6.5 miles through 90 degree heat on Saturday evening. I should have stopped to rest a couple times along the route, but being an Idiot, I wanted to see if I could indeed make the entire distance without stopping, which I did. This week also marks the most walking miles logged in a one week period.

Miles Walked:

Week #6 5.0
Week #7 21.1 (101 Miles total)

Stationary Bike:
Week #6 40 Miles
Week #7 20 Miles (364 Miles total)

And now, for the weight loss……… Walking in 90 degree heat and humidity does wonders for weight loss. I started training 7 weeks ago weighing 289 lbs and today tipped the scale at 274 lbs. (-15 lbs thus far)

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