Long time me no visit!!

There is a difference between being a nomad and a simple drifter. Nomads may not stay put in one place very long, and may have a wide range of movement, but they move with purpose. They are following the resources that are needed to meet their needs … whatever those resources, and needs, may be. On the other hand, a drifter just aimlessly moves from one spot to another, with no real purpose other than basic survival. As I look back at my life in recent years, it dawns on me that what I am seeking to be is a nomad, but what I HAVE been is a drifter. Even when I have stayed in one place for a long time, it was less by intent, and more as if driftwood caught in a cove.

This has gotta change!

I am working on it. That is part of the reason I have not been here in a while. I need to put purpose in my wanderings, so that I can be The Intrepid Explorer or The Noble Wanderer instead of The Shady Homeless Person. This involves a few things:

  • Establish a self-sustaining support system. I have been working on this in several ways, including making my photo “store” and custom storybook site prettier and more functional. Incidentally, if anyone finds any of the photos on THIS site pleasing, they can be purchased in varying different forms.
  • Remember to appreciate where I am. A nomad is present. A drifter often seeks to be elsewhere.
  • Have a central goal. Beyond exploring the world, I want to actually leave a mark everywhere I visit … even if only a small one.  PAX Nation is the ideal, my nomadic lifestyle the method.
  • Live instead of simply exist. I have been just a marionette with an unknown puppeteer.  I need to cut (or maybe reclaim) those strings.

These are the basic steps for now. the book that this blog is essentially notes for continues to be written one day at a time. I just need to put it into a coherent whole, and decide on a good place to stop it … for the story will carry on long past the end of the book.

A simple reminder that I don’t have to actually GO anywhere to find beauty.

Time for some gratuitous stuff

I was gabbing with Mark the other day and we mentioned getting more people following us and throwing their hard-earned cash at charities in our name. Mark suggested that more nudity was needed on the blog to get our numbers up. It made sense to me, so I decided to offer this picture to help things along.

A NAKED mole rat

A NAKED mole rat

Does this mean the blog is now R Rated?

While I am doing things gratuitously, it seems a good time to do some self plugging again. I mentioned a few times my OTHER nefarious plan to strip people of their hard-earned wealth while at the same time forcing them to do such evil things as exercise and diet. So I don’t pester people TOO much here and on my other 40,000 blogs, I have gone and created ANOTHER page devoted entirely to making me richhelping folk get healthy again. Please take a look, become mesmerized, find a program that really excites you, and order it. If you need any help in that area feel free to holla for me!

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