Why “Taochild” is not crazy

“I knew it would come to this?”

“Then why didn’t you say anything?”

“No you didn’t. You always say you knew what was going to happen after it happens!”

“Well it doesn’t matter, it’s here now. We have to do what we have to do!”

“What he said!”

“I guess so!”

“If we have to!”

“That’s better! Now let’s get on with it!”

Now that all my voices are in agreement, I can proceed to explain why I am not crazy.

When The Idiot initially offered this idea to me, my first thought was … well … “Hell yeah!!” My second and third thought pretty much agreed. My fourth thought paused for a second, and my fifth thought pretty much was in another world altogether. My sixth thought was “I am hungry”, and my seventh and final thought was “Hell yeah!” The “Hell yeah!”‘s had a majority  so here I am.

I sense that some are still not convinced about the lack of crazy.

I grew up understanding that I was simply another part of an amazing world. I have always been of the opinion that the world; nature, is not something we as humans are meant to own or control, but something that we need to recognize as part of ourselves. We are not the earth’s owners. We have a much more important role. We are its guardians. That means that we need to fully understand our place in nature, and how everything plays a part in the health of the world; which directly relates to the health of humanity. If we forget this, we risk disaster on many levels. That said, nature is my charger. When the burdens of life get too much, I head for nature and it all becomes better again.

VhargerTo me humanity is losing its way partly because we have strayed so far from our origins. We are quickly  becoming so dependent on technology and man-made, that we are totally losing our sense of life.  I also believe that the best way to teach and learn is by example. So to me this journey we are about to embark on has several meanings. It is about regaining my sense of life and health. It is about proving to myself and others that not only can we do anything we set our minds to do, we can do it, basically, on our own two feet. No matter what obstacles we might face. This journey is a pilgrimage, a lesson, and homage to our origins all at the same time. I not only expect to come out of it a better man, but with a clearer picture of my own path, and maybe some insight on guiding others in a more life affirming direction.

Come to think of it, maybe that IS crazy. But personally, I prefer that kind of crazy then the self-destructive insanity our world as a whole seems intent on embracing. 🙂