Adding to the packing list!

It seems that some deities out there are enjoying our great adventure. No doubt they are expecting entertainment of  “Without a Paddle” dimensions, namely a good bit of snorting if you have drunk enough cheap beer at the recent cookout with the guys. Said deities seem to want to ensure we provide the best entertainment we can, so keep throwing things our way that might truly make our survival an actual odd worth betting on.

Mark seems especially attuned to the deities, as he single-handedly defends home and hearth from a horde of angry Tornadoes by sheer will power (and cleverly choreographed anti-rain dances), so the recent boon came to him in a vision as he was sorting his skittles. Or at least that is the way I am imagining it. I could be stretching things a bit there.

Doesn't Mark look cool?
Doesn’t Mark look cool?

Anyway we may have something added to our packing list that will not only enhance the whole entertainment value of the hike, book, AND movie, but ensure that Idiot becomes the new thing to be. No doubt people will be changing their names legally just to say they are somehow affiliated with us! Unfortunately, as usual I am jumping the gun a bit here, and can’t really give you the details, but I just was too excited not to say SOMETHING! Since it is really Mark’s cosmic gift, maybe he will let on more. But until we get the ok from the FDA, CIA, FBI, Fox Network, Disney, The Mormons, The East Long Street Book Club, and a few other powerful organizations that have slipped my mind at the moment, I don’t feel safe saying more! I suspect all will be revealed in the next day or so though.