Steve Kramer
Compassioneer at PAX Nation
Greater Boston Area | Philanthropy

I am out of the box thinker who chooses quality and value of effort over profit. I want to do something that gives me personal satisfaction as well as actually benefits the many instead of the few.

Specialties: conflict resolution, critical thinking, innovation

Doggy Valet (2015 - Present)
The Amazing Adventures of Brown Dog and Friends

At the beck and call of Her Ladyship Brown Dog Kramer. I am expected to drop whatever I may be doing to fulfill whatever desire her Ladyship has (once I have managed to decipher what that is.) Duties include walkies (with the inherent scooping of poop), scritchin', playing and more playing, repairing the house after playing, and of course satisfying her gourmet appetite.

Creator (2014 - Present)
The Tale Builder
Self Employed, myself only, Writing & Editing

Design and create custom made story books.

Freelance Photographer (2014 - Present)
thru my eyes by taochild
Self Employed, myself only, Photography

Creative photographer.

Web Services Manager (2013 - Present)
heArtful Theatre Company
Self Owned, 2-10, Performing Arts

Designed and maintain the company website.
Consult and advise on other web intensive aspects of the company.

Life Coach (2013 - Present)
Start with the body
Self Employed, myself only, Health, Wellness & Fitness

Helping others create holistically healthy habits.

Change Agent (2011 - Present)
Learning The Way
Self Employed, myself only, Philanthropy

Among other projects, writing two fantasy novels and one "biographical" novel.

Compassioneer (1966 - Present)
PAX Nation

Promote compassion as the true source of progress for the advancement of human potential to create a better world.

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