Exploring the world:

I am a nomad at heart. I love everything to do with nature, and yet also am in awe of the capabilities of mankind. Ultimately, I would explore ALL the wonders of the world, both natural and man made. THAT dream may not be truly attainable, but I will explore as much of the world as I can. Most recently, this took the form of attempting to hike the full Appalachian Trail in 2014. The attempt morphed into a journey that even I did not expect, and I am not sure it is even close to being finished yet. Thus another blog … this one specifically documenting this journey with the intent of eventually becoming a book. An offshoot of this blog was also created, devoted to an unexpected companion I found along the way.

Wake of a Walkabout, the blog formally known as A Tail of a Trail

The Amazing Adventures of Brown Dog and Friends

The Amazing Adventures of Brown Dog and Friends

SAVING the world:

As much as I love the world and admire what mankind can do … it is also quite apparent that mankind has a very dark side. It seems more and more these days that humanity in general is embracing the uglier parts of itself, or at the least fallen into complacency as those ruled by selfishness and greed grow more powerful. I believe it is possible to stem this tide, but it requires that those of us who do not like what is going on step up and DO something about it. In my attempt to do just that, I envisioned an online community that was in effect and Internet Nation … a “nation” without physical borders “populated” like-minded people working together to unify the world, instead of the constant move towards separatism and distrust; a world of WE instead of a world of US and THEM. This “nation” would ultimately be self-governing and have an actual impact on world politics. A grand (maybe even crazy) dream for sure, but in my mind worth a try:



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