Seeing the world

Everyone has dreams. Over a lifetime, those dreams will probably change. They will change as our view of the worlds change, or as our needs change. Or maybe they simply change in magnitude. I am no different from anyone else in this respect. The dreams of my youth have become a distant memory for me, but one dream I have now that I am pretty sure I have ALWAYS had is the desire to fully explore all the world has to offer. I am fascinated by the wonders of nature as well as the products of mankind’s innovative spirit, and I would see ALL of it if I had the chance. 

This dream may not ever become a full reality, but I will explore as much of the world as I can. My most recent endeavor in this direction was an attempt to hike the full Appalachian Trail in 2014. Me being me, I created a blog to document the trip. I did not finish the trail as planned, but it became the beginning of a journey of much greater magnitude, one that will not be finished anytime soon. The blog continues to track THIS journey (with the vision of someday becoming a book). I also created an offshoot of that site, devoted to an unexpected companion I met along the way:

Wake of a Walkabout

The site formally known as “A Tail of a Trail” …

The Amazing Adventures of Brown Dog ...

… and Friends. You never know who you will encounter in life …

SAVING the world

The creative potential of humanity is truly amazing … but so is its potential for destruction. Often it seems humanity would rather embrace its dark side than put the effort required into reaching our highest potential. These days we seem to be at a major crossroad for humanity as we decide which direction we will ultimately go in. On the one side is a world driven by greed, fear and the desire to separate … on the other is a world guided by compassion and inclusiveness. Sadly, the darker route is also the easier one. A bright future can only be achieved if those who desire it are willing to work for it.

I personally believe that such concepts as nationalism have long overstayed their welcome. We need to unite the world into One World, One Humanity, and move away from the divisiveness and conflict that nationalism always creates. In an effort to help move towards such a world, I came up with the idea of an ONLINE nation … a nation without borders. It would be a community not defined by any location but by compassion driven ideals. It could develop into a self-sustaining, governed entity with real world influence. Maybe a crazy idea, but to me one worth TRYING at least:

PAX Nation

A nation with no borders …

Proud member of the PAX Nation Community