I am a firm believer in the concept: “Actions speak louder than words.” To me, the things we create in our lives are what truly define us. Creativity is the wellspring of the human spirit. And while creation is not always in the best interest of humanity, for the most part it is a positive force. What we create has no moral character on its own. It only becomes bad when used in a bad way. Creation is growth, where its opposite is an end to growth. Destruction has its place in the world as well, but when it becomes our driving force we descend into darkness.

Considering this belief, it is no wonder that I embrace my creativity as much as I can. I create for the sheer joy of creating, with no expectation of some sort of return on my investment of time and effort. I dabble in all sorts of creative endeavors, and am always willing to try new ones. If I am not learning new things I am not living. I could not possibly list all the ways I create in a simple document, nor could I easily share the results. Though I claim no expertise in anything, I certainly have aptitudes and have worked on refining my skills in certain areas. I will say a bit about them here.


I have a love/hate relationship with technology. Modern technology is definitely filled with wonders, and will not likely stop advancing … well … ever. But the more we grow to rely on technology in our everyday lives, the more basic living skills we lose. The fundamental core of what it is to be human is being altered by the pace of technological advancement, and in my mind it is not necessarily an improvement. That said, I do like playing with my toys. I have a fair knowledge of everything computer, and am all too often on them creating. I know enough to break things, and occasionally even fix them again. This very website is a revamp. It is my first attempt at self hosting, on my newest technology … the Raspberry Pi. I made my own email server as well. I also of late have delved into the crazy world of 3D digital art and animation.


I have been playing with the written word since I was able to USE the written word. It is probably my best mode for expressing myself. Until fairly recently, I rarely shared anything I had written unless it was required that I do in some way. Somewhere along the way, I realized that I actually had some skill with putting words together. Not only was there no shame in sharing my creations … there was an argument for me being somewhat obliged to let others see them. This resulted in my first foray into the digital world. That blog eventually blossomed into a collection of web projects … most ultimately  created ultimately just for the pleasure of creating them.

The odd ramblings of a mind that does not quite fit

Expressing life through the power of thoughts …

The Ninja Cat Journals

Dedicated to the hilarity that sneaks up in everyday life …

Visual Art

When it comes to visual art, I have explored many different mediums. The one I am most passionate about, and have developed the most skill in, is photography. I have been playing with my camera for almost as long as I have been writing. With the introduction of digital photography, suddenly the limits on “How many photos can one take?” practically disappeared. As with my writing, I rarely shared my photos with anyone … until I started the whole internet expression thing. Thus my third internet creation was a site devoted to my photography. The site is constantly growing and changing. I also share my recent attempts at 3D art there.

Another mode that fascinates me is animation. Animated movies are my favorite type to watch, and I have dabbled in creating my own animation. My first attempt was a claymation movie when I was a child. Since then I have done several animated creations via computer animation. I also dabble in putting together simple videos, often no more than collections of photos and words (which I sometimes refer to as visual poems). These videos (and others of a more ‘documentary’ nature) are on my YouTube channel.

thru my eyes by taochild

expressing life through the power of photos …

Yep. I YouTube.

Doesn’t everyone?

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