My working life matches my social life in the sense that it is in no way traditional. I have always been at odds with the slave wage mentality that governs our society. To me, a healthy economy is defined by community members having all their basic needs met with a minimal effort. This means we should not have to work for what we NEED, just for what we WANT over and above those basic needs. Unfortunately in our current society we are driven by scarcity instead of abundance, thanks to the hording mentality and greed inherent in capitalism (at least the American version of it). Therefore working for a “living” is a necessity, even if an often very unwelcome one.


Work History

I have explored working in a wide variety of fields throughout my life. Sometimes it was simply what was available. Sometimes I thought it was something I could run with. I never sought a career, rather I was seeking a life purpose. I don’t care about making money, I care about doing something that I find fulfilling on a spiritual and mental level that also allows me to survive financially. As of yet I have NOT discovered THAT job. My experience has been that the vast majority of jobs serve no real purpose other than making SOMEONE ELSE rich. There are definitely many jobs out there that have value and are truly necessary, but I have yet to encounter one that is a fit for me.

As I get older, my desire and energy to find this mystery job has waned, to the point that I am now officially NON-employed. Unemployed implies one is in the job market. I simply have no desire to play the game any more. That said, I do what I need to survive (usually staying on the correct side of the law). My variety of jobs has certainly left me with a wide range of skills. Most of my “professional” history and skills can be found on my LinkedIn profile. Take a look if you are really interested.

Since I could not find a satisfying job working for others, it seemed that maybe I should try creating my OWN business. In recent years I have made several attempts to do just that. I have a fairly good grasp of what is needed for a business to be successful in our society, and even have a few clever ideas for products. The simple truth is knowing HOW to do something does not ensure one has the mentality or aptitude to do that something. If it has not yet become clear, I am no fan of capitalism. I find it difficult to try to sell something that I am willing to offer for free. To me money is simply a useful tool … a means to an end … not an end itself. This generally means that any “business” I create will be unsuccessful, at least as success is defined by our societal economic model. But these attempts exist nonetheless. Feel free to check them out:

Branching Out


Photography has always been a passion of mine, so it made sense to try to make a business of it. I originally created my photography website simply to share my art. I decided to monetize it. Essentially everything on the site is available for sale in several different forms. However, thanks to my lackluster drive as a businessman, this is more of an option than an expectation.

Wellness Coach

I have had a holistic view of existence since well before I even understood what a holistic view was. My seeking spiritual health alongside physical and mental health has lead me to many interesting places, and taught me many interesting things. I figured what I learned could benefit others, so thought I would make a business of it. The project morphed into a simple record of my own journey to wellness.

Creative Writer

Since writing is another creative area for which I have an aptitude, it seemed that maybe I should try to market those skills as well. I am involved in a few attempts at full fledged books, but getting published has many challenges to overcome. I decided to create something on a smaller level. The idea is to write short stories with the characters, base story-line, and style chosen by the customer. The finished story will take the form of a coffee table book.

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