In order to pursue my dream of exploring the world, it became necessary to improve my health as well as my finances. I found myself an exercise program to help me improve my physical health, and in the process decided to attempt making a business out of it. I created Steve’s Path to a Better You as a holistic approach to healthy living. I was offering fitness products as well as support and advice, but found I am really NOT a salesperson and find it difficult to try to sell something I am willing to offer for free. The site eventually morphed into a journal of the steps I take as I seek out my own path to healthy living.  To me a healthy lifestyle encompasses physical, emotional, and spiritual growth.  Maybe my journey will help others who wish to improve themselves as well and would maybe like a little help.

Additional attempts at marketing myself have since developed, with a similar lack of success, but they still remain options for any who might wish to own some of the fruits of my more creative endeavors. My photos are available to any who wish to formally purchase them, and I also offer custom made story books for any who want a unique gift or maybe to preserve a special memory (below).


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