The world is a fascinating place, and I would visit ALL of it!
Live life! Don't be a spectator!
I am only me when we are all we.
Me ... in a nut shell

Hello all! I am Steve Kramer. To many I am known simply as Kramer, some actually call me by my first name (for instance my family), and a very few know me as Picnic. Who am I? Just like about everyone else, that is not easily answered with just a few words. I have definitely not lived a “traditional” life by any means, and probably never will. If you ended up at this page, you probably were directed here by one of my many projects, and want to know something about who this man called Steve Kramer is. Hopefully this creation will give a little insight, and maybe answer most of the questions anyone might have. My goal here is to try to present the concept of me all in one place, from my work history and skills to my personality and beliefs. Feel free to browse the site, and hopefully you will find the information you desire (if, in fact you actually desire any). You are also welcome to contact me if you find the need or urge. Enjoy!!



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